Kamis, 29 Mei 2014

Smartphone Decorating

I often ask myself, why must most smartphones come in dull colors like black or white? OK, there are midnight blue or ivory in the variant, but still, they are not personalized. While smartphone has become fashion item, just like bags, the manufacturers should have thought about it!

Two months ago, I have bought a new smartphone, but unfortunately the only available gadget is the black one. After a while I have been bored with it. I mean, the appearance, not the usage. And when you hang out with your friends, we usually take out our smartphones, either for selfie or to update our status. So, imagine how it would look if our phones are mostly black, dull, isn’t it? That’s why I started to decorate my phone with my own style. Yep, I am talking about cell phone case. And I don’t just change the color; it’s so last year!

Right now I am addicted to monogram cell phone case; it’s like picking the perfect dress for your kids! I can spend hours to make a choice, as they are all cute, and it’s so difficult to pick just one. Okay, maybe two, or three…. Uh-oh… And it is so easy because I can do all of that online. The chance of having the exactly same case with your friends is very little, as there are so many choices. Now I am satisfied, because my smartphone looks unique, and the monogram is representing me, the owner. Oh, how I love smartphone decorating! :)


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Having read your above mentioned article, I can now into a conclusion that u r having a similar taste with my daughter. Then after clicking the link, I agree with you that all cell phone case sample are beautiful. Frankly speaking it's surprising me when looked at the prices. Woow, there're a little bit expensive. (for me of course..LOL). Hope one day I will own one better handphone comparing with the one I have now. Then, of course, I will straight go again to have a look the link shows beautiful cell phone case. I apologive for my bad English, but I am trying to practise it in writing.